Project Description

Linda and Joe are retired but are still working part time jobs at Walmart and the local book store to help pay off their debt. Unfortunately, after paying off their bills each month they are having a hard time making ends meet, as they are continually faced with unexpected medical bills for Linda’s on-going treatments and random natural disaster expenses. Just recently, they experienced a Hurricane where they had to pull out a loan to pay for damages. Since then Joe has accrued old collection debt and has now fallen 2 months behind now.

Total Income: Combined SSI (1500+1600) + Combined Part Time Jobs ($2000) + (reduction in disability income) ($0): $5,100
Total Accounts: 8
Debt: $49,000
Credit Score: 580 & 610 (below poor+ collection debt)
Credit Utilization: 70% (almost maxed out and paying high interests on debt)
Spending: $2000 in monthly payments. High interest rates between 24-50%


Their goal is to take control of their current debt and find a way to become debt free within 2 years or less. They know they have a debt issue, and their credit has spiraled out of control. They want to pay their debt back, but they know they cannot afford it anymore. They need help so they can refocus their attention to their health and to their Family.

How We Helped

Reb0und helped Linda and Joe remap their next 2 years so they can continue to focus on their financial well-being, while paying down their debt to become completely debt free. They currently feel relaxed and are happy that they are back on track financially. Limited income or not, Reb0und has helped thousands of retirees or seniors with limited or reduced income find financial solutions to become debt free sooner so they can continue to enjoy and live a financially free lifestyle stress free.

Let us help you succeed in finally becoming debt free.

New Consolidated payment for Linda and Joe will be $764 for 48 months.

Total Debt Reduction
Total cost of debt to client was just $36,750. This could have been well over $200,000 if they kept making minimum payments joint with high interest rates.
New Consolidated Monthly Payment
The new fixed consolidated payment will allow them to be out of debt in 48 months. A low 6.25% fee per year on total debt enrolled was already built into the program.
More monthly Available Cash
Total debt reduction and a low fixed single monthly payment freed up cash for living and unexpected future expenses as our clients plan for a debt free life ahead

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