Should I be worried about the authenticity of Rebound From Debt?2022-03-18T23:49:26-07:00

Your concern is valid. A lot of people have suffered terrible experiences in the hands of scammers parading themselves as debt relief companies, so one needs to do his/her due diligence whenever dealing with any of them. But with Rebound From Debt, you have nothing to worry about. For more than a decade, Rebound and its negotiators have helped tens of thousands of clients. Rebound From Debt and their negotiators are Accredited, and Founding Executive Board members of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC). Our mission is to help people rebound from debt free and live better, and this is what wakes our dedicated employees from their bed everyday – even if the solution they choose is not Rebound From Debt’s consolidation plan.

How does debt relief affect my credit?2022-03-18T23:42:53-07:00

Depending on the condition of your credit report at the time of enrollment, any debt settlement or debt negotiation program, including ours, could negatively affect your credit. Negative information could remain on your credit profile for up to seven years. At Rebound From Debt, the focal point of our service is to help you rebound from debt much faster than it is normally possible. We do achieve this by negotiating with your creditors to get them to accept significantly less than what you owe on your unsecured debts. We are aware that our clients want to live debt free and start living better, so rebounding from debt is their top priority.

If you have a debt problem with a mediocre credit score that you’re finding difficult to handle, and if getting out of debt is more important to you, then our program could help you resolve your debt faster and for less so you can stop living from paycheck to paycheck or avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Our program is designed to help our clients  reduce, resolve, and repair their unsecured debts and credit profiles with the ultimate goal of improving their credit profile by becoming debt free sooner.  With our full suite of financial solutions, and by practicing good credit behavior, your credit score could recover over time. Results vary depending on your length of payment and credit history, credit utilization, debt history, and debt-to-income ratio.

Rebound From Debt will help you start fresh and give you an opportunity to have a second chance to financial freedom.

Will I no longer owe debt when I’m done?2022-03-18T23:41:18-07:00

This depends on your situation. Debt consolidation companies only can help you settle your unsecured debts, such as credit cards, medical bills, collections, and unsecured personal loans, but not with secured loans such as auto loans and mortgages.

Successfully completing our debt consolidation program will free up more money to pay mortgages and auto loans. This means that Rebound From Debt’s plan can help a person who does not have secured loans get rid of their debts in a shorter period while restoring their credit profile. Remember that if you want to be successful in this program, you will have to maintain your monthly savings budget.

Will debt collectors call me?2022-03-18T23:40:19-07:00

Although, there are federal and state laws in place aimed at protecting you from being harassed by collectors, many of our clients have had to endure some collections calls in the past as a result of the debts or financial hardships they are facing. However, at Rebound From Debt, we have designed our plan to get debt collectors off your neck. With our program, your creditors call us, not you.

Rebound From Debt’s consolidation plan will help minimize collection calls. Find out how today!

Is there a guarantee in which all my debts will be settled for a certain percentage?2022-03-18T23:38:22-07:00

As much as we would want to help get the best deal on your debt settlement, it is important to state that every case is a negotiation, and there is no guarantee as to how those negotiations will go. In addition, the success of our negotiations depends largely on your ability to save a certain amount each month of your enrollment in the program. Also keep in mind that our financial experts will create a custom debt consolidation plan that matches your natural income, your monthly budget, and your future goals. Through consolidation you are enabling yourself to save first, reach your goals, and live better.

With over 50 years of collective experience in finance, law, collections, tax, and credit repair within the Financial Services Industry, Rebound From Debt is poised to offer you a full range of financial services that enables you to take advantage of your journey out of debt, so you can enjoy a debt free future.

What percentage can you settle credit card debt for?2022-03-18T23:37:50-07:00

There are a number of factors that is used to determine the percentage that can be settled on your credit card debt and they include your creditor, how much you owe, which state you live in, and many other factors. You can leverage our 20+ years of experience in debt settlement and our expert negotiators to settle your debts at the least percentage possible. Rebound From Debt can help you negotiate for as little as 50% of the amount you owe or in some cases even less. It is important to keep in mind that each creditor is different and the amount they will settle for may vary.

Rebound From Debt believes in maintaining a close relationship with the very debt servicers who collect from you monthly, and this is the reason why we will never enroll a creditor account that they do not have a current working relationship with. We take pride in helping you improve your financial well-being.

How soon will debt settlement clear off my credit report?2022-03-18T23:36:34-07:00

The moment you settle one of your debts, your creditor will update the status of your account to settled, or some variation thereof. This status could remain on your credit report for up to seven years. Every case is peculiar. An account with a settled status has less credit impact than having an account with the Unpaid status. However, both are considered negative marks to your credit score. However, you will be able to improve your credit profile and standing by engaging in positive credit behavior over time. You have to make sure you are reducing your debt.

Ask Rebound From Debt about their add-on credit repair program for consumers once they have completed the debt consolidation program. Like we say, we are at your disposal at every step of the way.

Is Rebound From Debt’s consolidation plan any good?2022-03-18T23:35:21-07:00

Yes! Rebound From Debt and their team of negotiators are committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients while we help them rebound from debt to live better. We have close to 200,000 people enrolled in our debt settlement program, resolved well over $2B in debt, while maintaining the highest client retention and graduation rates in the industry. Lastly, our team of negotiators have earned an A+ rating and a 4.98 composite score with the BBB (highest in the industry) and have over 1,400 positive reviews (more than any other D.S.C.).

Our extensive experience in the field has positioned us as a thought leader in the industry.

Is debt relief expensive?2020-03-08T13:54:43-07:00

Clients who participate in our program do not pay an upfront fee. Before concluding any agreement with your creditor, our negotiating team will contact you first to get go-ahead. After approving the agreement, the costs associated with the debt are processed. All fees associated with the program are included in the monthly savings provided by your debt counselor. Our fees generally vary between 15% and 25%, however, your rate will vary depending on your state of residence.

Can my credit card debt be settled if I’m still current?2022-03-18T23:32:39-07:00

While It may be possible to settle credit card debt if you are still current, majority of creditors will typically require nothing less than the full amount owed if your payments are up to date. Whether you are settling your debts yourself or working with a debt settlement company like Rebound From Debt, the most effective way to get creditors to negotiate is to show them that, for financial reasons, you cannot pay back your debts completely. Financial difficulties can occur in many ways. A good way to show this is by letting your payments go into default. Once your creditors understand that you are unable to pay in full, they are more likely to accept a reduced amount as settlement.

We’ve settled hundreds of thousands of accounts. With us, you have the #1 negotiating team working for you, and a dedicated Finance Manager watching over each step, helping you rebound from debt, so you can trust the process!

What does debt relief mean?2022-03-18T23:31:17-07:00

Rebound From Debt offers debt consolidation programs known under different names or terms, including debt reduction, debt settlement, debt negotiation and debt resolution. With debt relief, you can pay off your unsecured debt faster by negotiating with creditors and reducing the amount owed. [This is often the easiest way out for most people looking to restore their credit profile or regain financial control]. You can either negotiate with your creditors or use the help of a debt consolidation program like Rebounds to get out of debt between 1 and 4 years.

Rebound From Debt’s consolidation program focuses on debt reduction. The first step in the consolidation process is to stop making payments to your creditors and depositing money into a dedicated account that you will use to pay off your debts. [This way, you can also immediately unlock the monthly cash flow so you can focus on saving or paying off other debts]. Once enough money has been saved into your dedicated account, your debt consolidation company you hire will contact your creditors to negotiate a new amount of debt less than what you currently owe.

How does Rebound From Debt settle debt(s)?2022-03-18T23:13:56-07:00

The Rebound From Debt consolidation program is designed to reduce and resolve your debt for significantly less than you owe as quickly as possible. First, we provide a free debt evaluation to help you decide if our program is right for you. Once we find out it is, we work with you to design a program that fits your monthly budget (most clients will see an instant savings each month and will pay less than their monthly minimum payments). Once you enroll, our negotiators create a financial strategy designed to get you the results you want to climb out of debt, improve your current financial hardships, and ultimately rebound from debt so you can start living to build a debt free future. Our company has used this method to resolve over $2 billion in debt since 2003. Rebound From Debt maintains the highest client retention and graduation rates in the industry.

Can you help me with all my debts?2022-03-18T23:29:16-07:00

With the Rebound From Debt consolidation program, you can pay off your credit card debts, medical bills, department store cards, most types of collection debt and many other unsecured debts. Our program does not cover debts that involve collateral (such as car loans and mortgages). We also cannot cancel federal student loans. We help on a case-by-case basis with private student loans and certain business debts.

Are debt relief companies a scam?2022-03-18T23:28:04-07:00

We act with integrity and passion in everything we do, but unfortunately, not all debt relief companies have the same ethical commitment as we do. We recommend that you review all eligible companies before embarking on a debt consolidation program. As an Accredited and Executive founder of the American Fair Credit Council, the Rebound From Debt negotiating team has been instrumental in setting industry standards that protect consumers from abusive debt settlement practices. Our negotiators have helped tens of thousands of people pay off their debt in the past 20 years.

Our vast financial experience combined with our affiliation with industry regulators is proof of our authenticity.

How will I know if a debt relief company is the right one?2020-03-08T13:59:42-07:00

Whenever you are looking for a debt consolidation company that helps you pay off your debts, there are important questions you need to ask: are they transparent about the types of debt they accept, do they provide a realistic timeline for getting you out of debt and a fair estimate of your potential savings. It is also important to note that debt relief companies are only legally allowed to charge a fee after a debt has been settled.

Here’s the good news. Reb0und answers yes to these questions. We are transparent in all our activities. Before signing up for our program, read our terms of use; it will help make an informed decision. We do not make false promises or set unrealistic expectations. We are always objective with our clients on the simplest and easiest way to settle their debts as we walk them through the journey to a debt-free life in a very short time while we set them on the path to financial freedom.

Can a creditor sue me?2022-03-18T23:26:41-07:00

There is a slight possibility that any creditor can sue you. Lawsuits are expensive and creditors try to avoid them. However, if you stop paying your creditors, there may be a chance that they may sue you in an attempt to collect what you owe them.

Whatever your situation maybe, Rebound From Debt has your best interest and peace of mind before you even think about debt consolidation and legal action – This is why Rebound’s debt consolidation program offers its clients plans with legal protection through the Arnold & Smith Law firm. Any client who opts for this service will get legal representation in the event that a creditor takes legal action against them. If clients are already in a lawsuit with a creditor, A&S Law may be able to assist them for an additional fee. This is an incredible add-on service for our clients.

Legal protection helps our clients sleep at night, so you can trust our and help you live better.

Should I include all of my credit cards in the program?2020-03-08T14:01:46-07:00

Each case is unique. Many people prefer to keep one or two cards off their debt program to use for emergency funding. However, in general, you should include all cards with a balance greater than $500 in the program, as this will facilitate the negotiation of an agreement by your debt consultant.  If you have one card with a low balance that you can quickly pay down to zero, then you may hold on to it for emergencies.

Who controls the secure FDIC bank account where my funds are held while I wait for my settlements?2022-03-18T23:23:37-07:00

In accordance with the instructions of the AFCC, we will create a bank account insured by FDIC on your behalf, and you have ultimate control over it’s funds. The monies collected in this account get disbursed only at the time a negotiation is reached with the creditor and you agree with the settlement offer. We recommend that you keep your balance in a new account separate from your existing bank accounts, as experience has shown that this separation from your existing bank account (with debts) increases the speed and chances of success of your participation in the program. Rebound From Debt’s consolidation fees will be deducted from this account on a debt-to-debt basis and only after the settlement of any debt, as stated in the agreement you signed with us.

Remember, Rebound and their negotiators are compliant and proud members of the AFCC and the FTC. We offer legal protection for your plan so that you can recover from your debts peacefully!

Will I owe taxes on my forgiven debt?2022-03-18T23:21:17-07:00

According to the IRS, a forgiven debt is a taxable income. This means that at the end of the year, you will be expected to pay taxes on the settlement. However, IRS Form 982, Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness, may exempt you from this tax. Please contact a tax advisor to discuss this issue further.

At Rebound From Debt, we also have an optional tax preparation program for our clients. So, do not worry, we have your back. Just send us the paperwork and we will handle the rest.

Will my account continue to accumulate interests and late fees?2022-03-18T23:20:28-07:00

Part of your agreement with your credit card companies allows them to continue to add interest and late fees to your debt any time you fail to make payments. This means if you let your accounts become delinquent, your creditors will continue to add interest and late fees onto your balances. Keep in mind that interest will accrue as long as you have an outstanding balance, even if you are on a plan. Paying off the balance is the only way of stopping the interest from accruing.

The Rebound From Debt settlement program is intended to arranging resolutions that reduce your debt balances, regardless of the type of interest charges or late fees that were added at the start of our program. Our program will include additional fees and interest that your creditor may charge in your estimate. Even if your creditor charges additional fees and interest, we will not charge extra to settle the debt.

How soon can you start negotiating with my creditors?2022-03-18T23:18:13-07:00

Most of your creditors will only engage in serious conversations with your negotiators about debt settlement if they know you are really committed to paying them off. You can only prove this payment obligation by accumulating enough money in your assigned savings account. In general, the first settlement usually takes place in the first three months of the program, but this varies and depends on your budget, and the number of creditors you have enrolled in the program as well as the balance of each debt owed. Just be patient and remember that you are in great hands.

Rebound clients usually see their first settlement within the first 100 days of the program.

Will my debts be sent to a law firm? Will this result in a lawsuit?2022-03-18T23:15:05-07:00

Creditors may send the debts to collections agencies and/or law firms to collect your debt, although from our experience, this is a very rare occurrence. However, if this happens to you, we partner with a third party law firm that can negotiate your case with the goal of resolving the debt. Rebound From Debt’s legal team, Arnold & Smith Law, offers our clients legal protection through their journey to financial freedom.

Please note that we are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice or legal representation, but Arnold & Smith Law can, so you can rest assure. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain as you rebound from debt with legal protection.

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