There is a slight possibility that any creditor can sue you. Lawsuits are expensive and creditors try to avoid them. However, if you stop paying your creditors, there may be a chance that they may sue you in an attempt to collect what you owe them.

Whatever your situation maybe, Rebound From Debt has your best interest and peace of mind before you even think about debt consolidation and legal action – This is why Rebound’s debt consolidation program offers its clients plans with legal protection through the Arnold & Smith Law firm. Any client who opts for this service will get legal representation in the event that a creditor takes legal action against them. If clients are already in a lawsuit with a creditor, A&S Law may be able to assist them for an additional fee. This is an incredible add-on service for our clients.

Legal protection helps our clients sleep at night, so you can trust our and help you live better.