Rebound From Debt offers debt consolidation programs known under different names or terms, including debt reduction, debt settlement, debt negotiation and debt resolution. With debt relief, you can pay off your unsecured debt faster by negotiating with creditors and reducing the amount owed. [This is often the easiest way out for most people looking to restore their credit profile or regain financial control]. You can either negotiate with your creditors or use the help of a debt consolidation program like Rebounds to get out of debt between 1 and 4 years.

Rebound From Debt’s consolidation program focuses on debt reduction. The first step in the consolidation process is to stop making payments to your creditors and depositing money into a dedicated account that you will use to pay off your debts. [This way, you can also immediately unlock the monthly cash flow so you can focus on saving or paying off other debts]. Once enough money has been saved into your dedicated account, your debt consolidation company you hire will contact your creditors to negotiate a new amount of debt less than what you currently owe.