In accordance with the instructions of the AFCC, we will create a bank account insured by FDIC on your behalf, and you have ultimate control over it’s funds. The monies collected in this account get disbursed only at the time a negotiation is reached with the creditor and you agree with the settlement offer. We recommend that you keep your balance in a new account separate from your existing bank accounts, as experience has shown that this separation from your existing bank account (with debts) increases the speed and chances of success of your participation in the program. Rebound From Debt’s consolidation fees will be deducted from this account on a debt-to-debt basis and only after the settlement of any debt, as stated in the agreement you signed with us.

Remember, Rebound and their negotiators are compliant and proud members of the AFCC and the FTC. We offer legal protection for your plan so that you can recover from your debts peacefully!